Seminar 4: Co-Production in mental health policy & commissioning

Seminar 4 entitled Contemporary developments in mental health policy and commissioning: a help and/or hindrance to co-production and power-sharing will take place at the University of York on the 28 October 2016. 


We warmly invite you to participate in the 4th seminar which focuses on co-production in mental health policy and commissioning. The aim is to encourage debate across boundaries between service users/survivors and carers, academics, and professionals from voluntary and public organisations.

To make enquiries or to apply for a travel bursary (available to service users, carers, and professionals in voluntary organisations), please email

For more details on the seminar, please contact the principal investigator Pamela Fisher (


The programme

9.30 – Registration (with tea and coffee available)

10.00 – Opening with Martin Webber and Pamela Fisher

10.30 – Keynote by Anne Rogers, Professor of Health Systems and Implementation, University of Southampton ‘Commissioning of self-management support: an exploration of commissioner aspirations and processes in the context of moving towards co-produced and socially connected interventions’

11.15 – Discussion of arising themes (with tea and coffee available)

11.45 – Presentation by Karen Newbigging, Senior Lecturer in Health Policy and Management at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham. ‘Co-commissioning: Are we there yet?’

12.30 – LUNCH

1.30 – Joseph Alderdice and Danielle Barnes will present and lead around table discussion. Joseph (formerly of Involving People) is the Development and Engagement Lead for West Yorkshire Finding Independence (WY-FI). Danielle, originally part of a group of experts by experience, is one of WY-FI’s Engagement and Co-Production Workers. ‘From the street to the strategy: Co-producing system change in the real world’

3.00 – Tea and coffee and identification of the main points arising from presentations and discussions

3.30 – Adam Montgomery is a Dual Diagnosis Peer Support Development & Group Worker employed by Leeds Mind. However, it will be in his capacity as a spoken work artist and poet that Adam will close the seminar.

3.45 – Additional networking opportunity