Culture is a container for everything else

john walsh.jpg

John opened the ESRC seminar on 19 May with some insightful comments highlighting the importance of culture – ‘culture is a container for everything else’.  For John, co-production is essentially about re-distributing power in ways which create the space for people to be the best they can. Citing the late Jo Cox – ‘We have far more in common than that which divides us” – John argued that co-production requires, first and foremost, that we recognise and value our common humanity.

John Walsh is practice manager for York Street Health Practice which is the medical team for people who are homeless and in the asylum system in Leeds. John has worked there over two decades – most of that time on the streets with people who are homeless. He is also involved in national NHS work, writing with patients, staff and carers and teaching on best care and best culture, service improvement and teaching.