Seminar 3: Contemporary Developments in Healthcare Practice


Seminar 3 Schedule

9.30 Registration (with tea and coffee available)
10.00 Opening with John Walsh, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Pamela Fisher, University of Leeds: co-production and power-sharing
10.30 Presentation by David Crepaz-Keay, The Mental Health Foundation
“Co-production and peer support: the challenges of moving from survivor led to co-produced”
11.15 Discussion of arising themes (with tea and coffee available)
11.45 Martin Webber, University of York
“Co-producing mental health care: introducing the Connecting People Intervention”
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Presentation by Rebecca Hutten followed by questions and comments
“[Co-]Producing professionals and patients within the IAPT system: can it be done?”
13.30 Identification and discussion of key points arising from presentations and discussions
14.15 Tea and coffee
14.30 Round table discussion introduced by presentation led by Tina Coldham and Pete Fleischman, Social Care Institute for Excellence
“Towards co-production? Reflections on 20 years of activism”
15.30 Summary of key points and co-production poem, based on the day’s presentations and discussions by the spoken work artist/poet Adam Montgomery (aka “Ad-verse”)
16.00 Additional Networking opportunity